Bradley Turn Dates

What Are Bradley Turn Dates?

  • The Siderograph generates what are known as Bradley Turn Dates, which are dates when the siderograph makes a significant top or bottom.  In his book “Stock Market Prediction,” Donald Bradley outlined a formula to calculate the Bradley Siderograph indicator.  

Why do Bradley Turn Dates Matter?

  • Bradley turn dates can indicate turning points in investor psychology, which can be reflected in sudden shifts in investor sentiment toward stocks, Bitcoins, gold, etc.  This could be driven by changes in investor psychology at turns in the siderograph indicator.

Key Points About Turn Dates

  • Turn dates that are tops and bottoms in the Bradley Siderograph can both indicate potential tops and bottoms in security prices.  For example, a top in the siderograph indicates that a turning point in the price of a security could take place soon (i.e., it could indicate a top or a bottom in the price of a security).
  • The magnitude of the change in the siderograph before and after a turn does not necessarily impact the significance of the turn date.  Therefore, moderately-sized turn dates can be just as effective as turn dates that take place at the crest of a large run-up in the siderograph.


See the video below for an overview of how to interpret the Bradley Turn Dates.


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