Square Aspects Between Major Bradley Planets

On the why does it work page Frank Leitner reached out with a question regarding the historical extent to which the major (i.e., Long Terms) Bradley planets have had many square aspects with each other within a relatively short period of time.

See below for several periods of time over the last century where there were clusters of square aspects among the major Bradley planets.

Set 01

Set 02

Set 03

Set 04

Set 05


At any given time several planetary aspects can be taking place, some of which may be positive (e.g., trine aspects) while others may be negative (e.g., square aspects).  Typically the focus is the overall extent to which all of these aspects at a given point in time tend to be positive or negative.

If I read your question correctly, you were instead asking about the possible ramifications of the same aspect (e.g., a square aspect) taking place repeatedly over a relatively short period of time.  It is possible that there could be a unique effect resulting from this series of events.  Based on the historical data above I was not able to personally glean a consistent pattern.  However, this could be an area for further research.

Thanks Frank for your question.


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