Calculate Turn Dates


The Calculate Turn Dates tool automatically Generates:

  1. Actual Historical Turn Dates for the security of your choice (i.e., actual historical highs and lows in the security),
  2. Dates on which the security of your choice increased or decreased the most rapidly, and
  3. Turn Dates for your own personal Siderograph indicator

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What the Calculate Turn Dates tool Lets You Do

The Calculate Turn Dates tool lets you identify the most significant Turn Dates for a security including:

  • Ranked Historical Turn Dates for a Security -- You can calculate the actual historical Turn Dates when a security experienced its highest highs and its lowest lows.  You can enter these dates into the "Date Analyzer" tool to generate weights that you can use for planetary aspects and declinations in the "Create Your Own Siderograph Tool.  These Turn Dates are ranked by their power, and there are three ways to look at the dates:
    • All Historical Turn Dates
    • Highest Historical Highs
    • Lowest Historical Lows
  • Ranked Historical Dates Where a Security's Price Experienced the Most Rapid Increases and Decreases -- You can calculate a listing of the ranked historical dates on which a security experienced its largest increases and decreases.  You can use these dates to determine which planetary aspects and declinations were taking place during a security's most rapid historical price increases and decreases.
  • Turn Dates for Your Personal Siderograph -- You can calculate the Turn Dates for your personal Siderograph indicator that you created using the "Create Your Own Siderograph" tool.