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Questions and Answers for Wednesday October 17, 2018

What books would you recommend to learn more about Financial Astrology?

  • Question: Are there any books you have come across that you would recommend to learn more about financial astrology?
  • Answer: Here are three of the best books on financial astrology that provide an overview of the key things you need to know:
    • A Trader's Guide to Financial Astrology (by Larry Pesavento and Shane Smoleny) - This book is clear, well organized, and it covers the key topics in just the right amount of detail
    • The Bull, The Bear and the Planets (by Malcolm Bucholtz) - This is an especially great book for beginners, and it is easy to follow.
    • Financial Astrology (by LCdr. David Williams) - This is one of the classic books in the field.  In addition to sharing ideas and concepts, it also provides a good amount of history regarding how the field started and various developments that shaped developments in the field along the way.

What influence does the Moon have on security prices?

  • Question: From what I have seen, the Moon can have a significant influence on humans' emotions and, by extension, security prices.  Have you found the moon to have any impact on security prices?
  • Answer:
    • It is possible that there could be a greater effect from the moon
      • (1) when the Moon is in between the Sun and the Earth (i.e., a New Moon),
      • (2) when the moon is at a high latitude (i.e., so it is having a greater influence in the northern hemisphere), and
      • (3) when the Moon is in Perigee (i.e., when it is relatively close to the earth).
    • The PDF file linked to below provides a summary of what I found (i.e., that right before the combination of the three events above took place the DJIA was in an uptrend, and then it began a downtrend immediately after the combination of these three events took place).

Have you found any set of weights worth sharing for the Create Your Own Siderograph Tool?

  • Question: Have you found any set of weights for the Create your Own Siderograph Tool that you have found to be particularly useful?
  • Answer: If you set the weight to "1.0" for all of the possible values, the resulting Siderograph pretty closely matches the stock market crash of 1987 and Black Monday (see below).  Also, see the Excel file attached below for additional weights I created using the Solver feature of Excel to generate weights for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA).

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