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Securities with the Highest Correlation with Declinations

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Background on Declinations

Declinations represent the average of the degree to which Mercury and Venus are above or below Earth's equator.

Here are highlights of analyst commentary on the impact of declinations on security prices:

Patrick Mikula – Gann’s Scientific Methods Unveiled – Volume 2

  • “By a close study of Gann’s astrology it can be determined that Gann correlated price with declination.”

George Bayer — Stock and Commodity Traders’ Handbook of Trend Determination

  • “I have gone through most of the important ancient works of Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed, and other religious works. The gist of them is; They knew all about the movements of Mercury in longitude, declination and latitude, and they also knew its effects upon mankind…so far as I have been able to find out, they knew much more than we shall ever know.”
  • “I stated before about repeating cycles, which the Ancients suggest to use. Soon, you will recognize that anyone not using planetary lines will never find the cycles of repetition. After you have plotted, let us say, the declination of Mercury or of Venus…the picture becomes an entirely different one in ‘Time,’ that is, from one cycle to the other. After you have made a chart of declination a few years back, it is suggested that you compare the movement of Wheat or some other commodity, during each cycle. Pick out the zero positions wherever they occur.”

Additional background information on declinations is available here.

Securities with a High Correlation to Declinations

Several individual equities and have had a relatively high correlation with declinations over the last year.  These securities cover various industries including technology, retail, and financial sector.

The table and graph below illustrate the correlation between the declinations and these securities over the last year.


Based on this analysis, a variety of securities have had a high correlation with the average declination of Mercury and Venus over the last year.

Therefore, it will be interesting to note the price movement of these securities upon the occurrence of the two declinations Turn Dates in 4Q 2018:

  • October 27, 2018 (37/100 Declinations Power)
  • December 5, 2018 (36/100 Declinations Power)

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