Bradley Siderograph

Securities with the Highest Long Terms Correlation

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Background on the Long Terms

The Long Terms represent the sum total of the favorable and unfavorable planetary aspects between the sun and the planets beyond Mars (i.e., Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto).

When describing the Long Terms planets in his book "Stock Market Prediction," Donald Bradley wrote that"each of these great, remote bodies exerts strong influences by virtue of its sign transits alone, while mutual aspects between them are of major historic consequence."

Donald Bradley also wrote that in Dow theory "the long-range movement of the averages is known as the primary trend.  The primary trend is comparable to our own principle of the Long Terms."

Therefore, between the Long Terms, Middle Terms, and Declinations, the Long Terms represent the component intended reflect the price movements in securities over relatively long periods of time.

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Bradley Siderograph Formula

Major Planetary Aspects

Recent Correlations for 24 Securities

Over the last two years (i.e., 720 days), these 24 securities had a mean and median correlation with the Long Terms of 66% and 73%, respectively.  Also, over the last 720 days 23 of the 24 securities had a positive correlation with the Long Terms (i.e., 95.8%).

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Securities with the Highest and Lowest Lifetime Correlation with the Long Terms

Several individual equities and ETFs have had a relatively high correlation with the Long Terms since were first traded publicly.  The graph and table below illustrates the historical "lifetime" correlation between each of these securities and the Long Terms.


Based on this analysis, a variety of securities have had a high correlation with the Long Terms in recent years, and several securities have had a high correlation with the Long Terms over their entire trading history.

Therefore, the upcoming Long Terms Turn Date with a Power of 100/100 on August 28, 2018 could coincide with a top in the value of certain securities.

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