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The Bradley Siderograph is based on the combined total of a variety of planetary aspects and declinations.  Sometimes declinations on their own appear to closely mirror security prices.  An excellent example of this is the extent to which Microsoft’s stock price has had a high correlation with either (1) the declination of Mercury or (2) the inverse of the declination of Mercury.

Correlation of Microsoft’s Stock Price with the Declination of Mercury from 2000 – 2002

Since the turn of the millennium Microsoft’s stock price has closely followed either (1) the declination of Mercury or (2) the inverse of the declination of Mercury.  This relationship was mentioned in Earik Beann’s book, “The Handbook of Market Esoterica.”

Given that the relationship periodically inverts, it’s more important to note changes in the direction of Mercury’s declination (i.e., points where the declination was going down and then turns up, and vice versa) rather than focusing on the absolute direction of Mercury’s declination.

See below for the historical correlations from 2000 – 2002 as well as graphs of this relationship over the last decade (i.e., February 2005 – February 2015).

Click here to learn more about planetary declinations and how W.D. Gann, George Bayer, and others used declinations in their analysis












Correlation Between MSFT & Mercury Declinations Over the Last Decade (2/14/2005 – 2/13/2015)

Although it’s interesting that there was a high correlation between Microsoft’s stock price and Mercury Declinations/Inverse Declinations since the turn of the millennium, how well has this correlation performed over the last decade?  Is it still working?  I was curious so I did some research.  Aside from a few months during the summer of 2011 during the Eurozone Crisis, this correlation has generally remained steady at 70% or higher.

February 2005 – January 2006










February 2006 – November 2007





November 2007 – January 2010



January 2010 – December 2010



 January 2011 – September 2012



September 2012 – February 2015




Donald Bradley placed a greater weight on planetary aspects than declinations when he developed his Bradley Siderograph formula.  Therefore, in his view, overall planetary aspects were at least as important as declinations.  However, the results above make it clear that it is important to take into account planetary declinations.


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  • vick

    i have been a follower of yours blog and your posts
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    • Bradley Siderograph Post author

      Hi Simon – Thanks for your question. The default version of the Bradley Siderograph is based on (1) planetary aspects and (2) the declination of Mars and Venus. Also, the default version of the Bradley Siderograph does not necessarily incorporate the declination of Mercury. I may release a “Declinations Dashboard” that will let you compare the security of your choice to the declination of any of the planets. I hope this helped!