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Giacomo Albano’s techniques center around analyzing new and full moons to predict the future performance of the stock market.  According to Albano, “nothing is more suitable to modern financial markets than ancient astrology, with its rigour and its methods that are totally aimed at the predictive and ‘quantitative’ side of things.”  Click here for a link to a Google translation of his web site (i.e., his web site is in Italian and this link is to the Google translation in English).

Albano appears to place great importance on the first new or full moon after the spring equinox (i.e., a “syzygy”).  A syzygy is when there is nearly a straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies (e.g., the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon forming a new moon or a full Moon).

In his book on Financial Astrology, Albano describes how to determine the “dominus of the syzygy” using the Ptolemy method.  Generally a planet dominates if it is in conjunction with a syzygy or is in aspect to the syzygy configuration.  Albano also covers “Financial Significators” (FS) and various other topics in his book.


Book Cover for the book by Giacomo Albano on Financial Astrology   Click here to return to Financial Astrology

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One thought on “Giacomo Albano

  • Malcolm Bucholtz

    Absolutely brilliant book. It is a difficult read and I had to read it multiple times before it started to make sense. I took his general technique and applied it to the late 2016 period and early 2017 period. From what I can see… it works. I am now a believer in this methodology. I shall be using this technique along with the other methodologies I already use ( McWhirter, Bradly Model, Fabio Oreste’s Quantum Lines etc…).