George Bayer

George Bayer was one of the most prominent and prolific authors in the field of Financial Astrology.  He was a pioneer in applying astronomical and astrological factors to the financial markets.  Some describe him as having written books that disclosed some of the key insights of W.D. Gann without veiling these concepts in esoteric language as Gann was known to do.

Bayer’s work in “Preview of Markets” included some interesting insights including the following:

  • “Labor Day usually brings a change of trend.”
  • “They also say in New York brokerage offices, ‘sell on Rosh-Hashanah and buy on Yom Kippur.”  This is based on a lunar trading strategy.
  • Forecasts can be made by using apparent repeating cycles of what has happened previously.
  • “An egg is our number 0, the beginning of all things. Just check an astronomical ephemeris and see how often important movements begin in all sorts of stocks or commodities when a planet reaches the ‘egg’ in declination or latitude, or even in longitude!”
  • “At the time a planet is within [the halo of the Sun] I have found that such a planet is useless and has little or no effect; but on either side of the halo, it again has its effect upon human beings as well as on stocks or commodities that it is present.  The halo of the Sun is measured in degrees on each side of the sun (about 10 degrees).”


Bayer’s popular books Included the following:


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