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Even Wikipedia agrees that David Williams’ book titled “Financial Astrology” is probably the best summary of existing research in this field.  According to Wikipedia, “The definitive work on this subject, Financial Astrology, was written by David Williams.”

“Financial Astrology” covers how to use planetary activity to forecast the business cycle, the stock market, and the prices of commodities.  It contains unique findings from Williams, but the majority of the content summarizes highlights of the most interesting work of dozens of other leading thinkers in the field including the following:

  • McWhirter’s North Node Business Cycle
  • Funk’s Cycles of Prosperity and Depression
  • The 56-Year Pattern of American Business Activity Since 1761
  • Dewey’s 9.2-Year Cycles in Stock Prices
  • A brief excerpt from Donald Bradley’s book “Stock Market Prediction” describing the origins of the development of “methods for predicting stock market movements through astrology.”

You can either buy dozens of other financial astrology books and try to figure it all out from scratch or you can do what I did and buy a copy of Williams’ book for yourself and let him do all the work for you.

David Williams - Financial Astrology - Book Cover


Table of Contents

Part I — Business Cycle Forecasting

  • Chapter 1 — Conventional Business Cycles
  • Chapter 2 — The Sunspot Theory of Business Cycles
  • Chapter 3 — The Planetary Cause of Sunspots
  • Chapter 4 — Terrestrial Effects of Solar Activity
  • Chapter 5 — Planetary Theories of the Business Cycle
  • Chapter 6 — The Theory of Unknown Causes
  • Chapter 7 — Conclusion of Part I

Part II — Stock Market Forecasting

  • Chapter 8 — The Art of Prediction
  • Chapter 9 — The Rationale of Prediction
  • Chapter 10 — Rhythmic Stock Market Cycles
  • Chapter 11 — Planetary Cycles in the Stock Market
  • Chapter 12 — Stock Market Forecasting Systems
  • Chapter 13 — Personal Investing
  • Chapter 14 — Epilogue


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