Awodele’s first book provides an in-depth analysis of W.D. Gann’s 1919 predictions published in a Milwaukee newspaper about German Kaiser Wilhem Hohenzollern that turned out to be remarkably accurate.

According to Awodele, “we have to come to the realization that there is no difference in the method that Gann used to forecast events for individuals and those that he used for stocks.  If we can use this article to ascertain how he made forecasts for the German Kaiser, then maybe this will provide clues as to how he did it for stocks and commodities.  Thus, my main goal for this book is to take an in depth look at the forecasts and statements that Gann makes in this article, and to offer explanations as to how he was able to come to these conclusions.”

Primarily this book discusses W.D. Gann’s “law of vibration and attraction” where Gann said he found “they key to Wall Street.”

The chapters in this book include the following:

  • Chapter 1 — W.D. Gann
  • Chapter 2 — The 1919 Article
  • Chapter 3 — The Science of Letters & Numbers
  • Chapter 4 — The Aso-Neith Cryptogram
  • Chapter 5 — Character Analysis
  • Chapter 6 — Forecasting per the Astro-Neith System
  • Chapter 7 — Periodicity
  • Chapter 8 — The Secret of the Law of Vibration

Awodele - Divination by Mathematics - W.D. Gann


Awodele’s second book delves into W.D. Gann’s “Law of Harmonic Analysis.”  Gann consistently stated that he used mathematics as the basis of his forecasting methods, and this book lays out some of the inner workings of Gann’s methodologies in “simple terms for the non-mathematician.”  The book mentions that “Gann often said that each stock had its own particular vibration”, and toward the end of the book Awodele states that “harmonic analysis proves that this is indeed the case.”  Check out Awodele’s second book to learn more about the inner workings of Gann’s methodologies.

The chapters in this book include the following:

  • Chapter 1 — Harmonic Analysis
  • Chapter 2 — Harmonic Analysis Explained
  • Chapter 3 — Harmonic Analysis Applied
  • Chapter 4 — Harmonic Analysis Examples
  • Chapter 5 — Additional Confirmation
  • Chapter 6 — The Cause of Cycles

Awodele - Divination by Mathematics - Harmonic Analysis



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