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Background on Arch Crawford

Arch Crawford is one of the most prominent figures in the field of Financial Astrology.  According to Barron’s, he is “The Street’s best known Astrologer.”  He has made many successful market calls, which has resulted in many media outlets clamoring to interview him (e.g., Good Morning America, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal Report, etc.).  This does not even include his interviews with foreign media outlets in Japan, France, Italy, Brazil, etc.  Crawford has also presented at the New York chapter of the Market Technicians Association (MTA).

How Arch Crawford Came Across Financial Astrology

Crawford studied Math and Physics at the University of North Carolina (UNC) before joining Merrill Lynch as a research assistant to Robert Farrell, who was Merrill’s head of technical research at the time.  In 1963 while he was working at Merrill, Crawford saw a front page article on the Wall Street Journal that piqued his interest in Financial Astrology.  The article discussed a method developed by Lt. Cmdr. David Williams that involved predicting the direction of the stock market based on the relative positions of the planets.  Crawford also took an interest in the work of John Nelson, who was able to predict when significant sunspots and solar flares would emerge from the Sun based on the positions of the planets relative to the Sun.  Crawford is quoted as saying, “John [Nelson] would call me about unusual magnetics and shortly, stocks would drop sharply and gold would rally violently.  It is a matter of history that the largest modern burst of electrons from the Sun’s surface coincides with the week of the Crash in 1987 and a spectacular heliocentric alignment of planets.”

Arch Crawford and the Donald Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates

A 2013 article from the Telegraph mentions that “Arch bought a book on [financial astrology], Stock Market Prediction by Donald Bradley.”  Crawford stated, “I wanted to do a statistical analysis of [Donald Bradley’s] method and use it if it worked.  Apparently, “after comparing the two, [Crawford] was impressed.”  Crawford said, “[Donald] Bradley had a mathematical model that predicts the market fairly well…and does so to this day.”

In a 2004 interview, Crawford alluded to his use of the Bradley Siderograph when he discussed how “there was another man using a formula derived from astrological meanings, and I took his formula, and said I wonder what it would look like if we actually computed every time this thing has happened in the Dow Jones going back to 1885…Very often, the market follows that pattern.  It has followed it more closely than it has to any other technical or economic indicator.”  On his site Crawford also has a one-page document that provides an analysis of recent trends in the Bradley Siderograph, which you can access here.

Arch Crawford

Crawford Perspectives Newsletter

Crawford’s predictions about the stock market were so accurate and helpful to others that he started his own company and began publishing his Crawford Perspectives newsletter in 1977.  This newsletter has been spectacularly successful, and it has even been ranked number one among investment newsletters in the U.S. for multiple years.  For an example of an excellent call made in this newsletter, look no further than Crawford’s accurate prediction of 1987’s market top.  On August 8, 1987 Crawford wrote, “We pick the top for Aug. 24, give or take 3 days.”  The Dow Jones topped on the exact same day Arch Called (i.e., Aug 24), and the S&P 500 topped the following day.



Additional Insights into Arch Crawford’s Market Analysis

Crawford uses robust statistical analysis in his work, including calculations of percentage changes in the Dow Jones dating back as far as 1897.  This analysis involves relating past market changes to astronomical events (e.g., sunspots and solar flares) as well as 28 other more conventional market indicators.  Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of Arch Crawford’s web site, which provides further background regarding his work.

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    The MOST information about me is on our website There is a section on me on Wikipedia: “Financial Astrology” but it is only on the associated “TALK” page. Youtube has many interviews with Goldseek radio up to recent times, and a recent post there on Youtube has my CNBC interview as #1 stock market Timer of 2008. If you Google “Arch Crawford” in quotes, they report about 14,000-29,000 hits variable over several years. Some good some bad. More good ones are available if you search [NYT “Arch Crawford], or [WSJ “Arch Crawford” or [Barron’s “Arch Crawford”] or [Forbes “Arch Crawford”]