Deluxe Version of the Bradley Siderograph Data

Deluxe Version of the Bradley Siderograph 

In addition to containing the data fields included in the Classic Version above, the Deluxe Version also contains additional detailed components underlying the Bradley Siderograph model.  This additional granularity could help you identify specific underlying elements in the siderograph that are more or less relevant in predicting turns in the price of the particular securities that interest you.  See below for features included in the Deluxe Version that are not included in the Classic Version.

  • Detailed Positive Components
    • Postive Aspects for the Middle Terms
    • Positive Aspects for the Long Terms
    • Positive Declinations
  • Detailed Negative Components
    • Negative Aspects for the Middle Terms
    • Negative Aspects for the Long Terms
    • Negative Declinations
  • Overall Positive and Negative Components
    • Overall Positive Planetary Aspects and Declinations
    • Overall Negative Planetary Aspects and Declinations

Bradley SIderograph Data in Excel Deluxe Version

  • Deluxe Free Version – 5 Years of Data (2010-2014) ($0)
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  • Deluxe Premium Package – 41 Years of Data (1975-2015) ($14)
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  • Deluxe Ultimate Package – 86 Years of Data (1950-2035) ($29)
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Bradley Siderograph Data Comparison Excel


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