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New Bradley Bars Dashboard

Take control of the power behind the Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates with the brand new Bradley Bars Dashboard tool.  Bradley Bars are bar graphs that show you the “power” of a Turn Date.  Although historically bigger Turn Dates are not thought to have any more importance than smaller turn dates, this can help you set a threshold for which turns are worth using versus which turns are too small to consider.

Bradley Bars Dashboard Indicator

The Bars also make it quick and easy to see where there is a cluster of turns in the Bradley Siderograph and one or more of its component elements, which could increase the overall effectiveness of a Turn Date.

Watch the videos below to learn more!

This Video Goes Over the New Bradley Bars Functionality (10 minutes and 47 seconds)


New Video!  Goes over New Dashboard Features and Provides an Overview of How to Pull in Security Data Using Quandl


Below you have the opportunity to download the most comprehensive Bradley Siderograph data on the planet!  Click on the button below of your choice, and you can begin leveraging this powerful tool to compare the Bradley Bars and Turn Dates to the security of your choice!

  •  Bradley Bars Dashboard – 201 Years of Data (1900-2100) ($47)
  • Bradley Bars Dashboard – 1+ Year of Data (2014 – 1Q 2015) ($0)
  • This version is absolutely free, and you don’t need to provide any credit card  information to check out and download it.

The new Bradley Bars Dashboard comes with a 45 day RISK FREE trial, and we fully stand behind a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied just email us and you will get all of your money back, guaranteed, no questions asked.

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31 thoughts on “Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates Software Model in Excel

    • Bradley Siderograph

      Hi Craig,

      After the latest version of the Bradley Bars Dashboard was released, Quandl significantly reduced the availability of free data downloads. For example, it used to be free to download S&P 500 data through Quandl, whereas I believe Quandl now charges to download historical data for the S&P 500.

      I put together an updated listing of data sources (see below for the link to download it). You can use this file to identify where you can obtain historical price data for various securities. After you download the data, you can enter it into the Bradley Bars Dashboard using the “Copy & Paste” section.

      Given that Quandl now charges for a significant amount of data that used to be free, I’m in the process of updating the Bradley Bars Dashboard to remove the “Quandl” functionality, which will likely be absent from the next version.


  • Yani

    Hi Matt
    I bought All Advanced Astro Dashboards, Can I download new stock data and
    compare the Bradley Bars and Turn Dates to the security of my choice?

    • Bradley Siderograph

      Hi Yani,

      You can import new stock data into the the Advanced Astro Indicator spreadsheet similar to the Bradley Bars Dashboard. The vast majority of the Advanced Astro Dashboards come with an ability to automatically import the data using the Quandl add-in for Microsoft Excel. However, for the few securities for which there is no Quandl data download option, there is still an ability to manually download the data and then copy and paste it into the Advanced Astro Dashboard.


      • Yani

        Hi Matt,
        As you mentioned the Advanced Astro Indicator is based on indicators that are customized to each individual security, I just wondering what result do I get after new stock data imported ? Do I need to customize the new security?


  • Ravanan

    Hi Matt,
    I notice in the above software list that the 16 Years Excel dashboard ($19) is only upto 2015. 2015 is already gone. Will it work for 2016?
    OR Will you be updating the software for 2016?


    • Bradley Siderograph

      Hi Ravanan,

      Thanks for your comment and for your interest in the Dashboard. I am putting the final touches on an updated version of the Advanced Astro Dashboard, which is going to replace the Bradley Bars Dashboard. All of the functionality of the Bradley Bars Dashboard will be included, and there will also be other features that are not included in the Bradley Bars Dashboard. The updated version contains one Excel file for each security, and it is easier to use. Therefore, I am not planning to release a 2016 version of the Bradley Bars Dashboard. I encourage you to sign up for the free email updates if you would like to be notified when this is released. Look for a box on the right side of the site where you can enter your first name and email address.


  • Hlynur Chadwick Gudmundsson

    Hello Matt –

    You’ve done a lot of work here.
    I’m reading much about Bradley siderograph theory.

    – I have two questions:
    * does this works with any spreadsheet on the market, or just excel?
    * is there a member area w forum ?

    Sincer – Hlynur CG

    • Bradley Siderograph

      Hi Hlynur,

      Right now the Advanced Astro Dashboard is supported in Microsoft Excel. If you have an old version of Excel, I can provide you with an alternative version of the Advanced Astro Dashboard that uses the “Excel 97-2003” file format (i.e., .xls). However, I have not yet experimented with other spreadsheet packages (e.g., Google Sheets, Open Office, etc.). That being said, feel free to download the free trial version and see how it works for the spreadsheet package you use.

      That’s an interesting idea regarding a member area. Right now the main way to share thoughts, comments, and ideas with others is by posting comments as you did, but I will keep the idea of a member area in mind.


  • Pat

    Hi Matt,

    Great site and content, extremely valuable additional tool for the open minded trader.
    I was wondering, has their ever been ideas to compile this into indicators running on platforms like MT4?
    All the data will be available in the platform so basically running the formula’s within the platform itself should be a possibility.
    I’d imagine their should be more then enough demand in the market if you only consider the results alone.
    Would love to hear about any developments there.
    Thank you very much for sharing this with us, highly appreciated.
    Wishing you health and fortuned trading.
    the Netherlands

    • Bradley Siderograph

      Hi Pat,

      Thanks for your comment. One market trading software package provider has reached out to me so far about including the Bradley Bars in their package as an add-on. At the time I thought the effort to coordinate with them to implement it in their package would have taken a lot of time away from further developing new tools of analysis (e.g., the Advanced Astro Dashboard), so I put that on the back burner for now. Thanks for asking!


  • Douglas Orr

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I am interested in subscribing to you service – but I would like to do a eyeball test of how exactly your total and long term sidelograph has worked. Could you please email be data in excell over the past 20 years? Or advise how i can acquire it?

    Thank you


    • Bradley Siderograph

      Hi Jerry — Thanks for asking. The Siderograph is intended to reflect the level of and changes in overall market psychology. You bring up an interesting point that it could also be compared to individual equities, some of which are more subject to investor psychology than others. Ultimately backtesting would be a great way determine how well individual stocks have performed with respect to the Bradley Siderograph and its Turn Dates. I’m very interested myself to see what results backtesting would yield, so I’ll look into this a little further. Hopefully I’ll have something useful to share within the next few weeks.


    • Bradley Siderograph

      Hi Kiran – The full version of the Bradley Bars Dashboard contains the same security templates as the free version. This includes: (1) a tab where you can paste in data for the security of your choice, (2) tabs for various popular securities where it is especially easy to automatically pull in data with a free Excel add in called Quandl, and (3) a template for Quandl data so you can easily set up a Quandl download of data for securities that are not included in the Dashboard by default. I’m traveling for the next week without access to my computer, and I don’t recall if the securities you mentioned are included. Either way, you can always add additional securities to the Dashboard using the Quandl Template tab. Also, as you may have read, there is a no questions asked risk-free money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied You will receive all of your money back, guaranteed.


  • Marcelgi

    I stumbled on this website on mere curiosity, and must admit this seems pretty awesome. The information is relatively new and I don’t know where to begin, so I am trying to find out in your opinion where should I start on this website?

    What path would you take to disseminate all the information here?

    I notice you were open for suggestions which I think is awesome, mine would be maybe a sidebar list that would lead you from the beginner / 101 info to the more advanced with the final one being your online store. Again this is just my two cents for what it’s worth. Overall if this can assist me in becoming a better trader, I think I may have found a hidden gem, and will definitely contribute financially if I can understand the system a little better.
    Also do you recommend any books to study financial astrology?
    I appreciate your time, have a wonderful day!

    • Bradley Siderograph

      Marcelgi — Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You brought up a great point, and I’ll plan to set up a new sidebar icon/link that will make it easy to learn the basics/101 and then lead to more advanced topics. I’m on vacation/holiday for the next couple of weeks, but I’m looking forward to putting it together when I get back home. It should be ready by no later than the end of April. In the meantime, here are some great places for an overview of the basics: (1) this YouTube video provides a general overview: A transcript of the video is also available on this page, which is intended to help people translate the text to other languages if needed (e.g. using Google Translate), (2) the main page of the web site provides an overview as well: (3) various videos I posted to YouTube provide overviews of various topics:

      As far as books I would recommend on Financial Astrology, I really like Larry Pesavento’s “A Trader’s Guide to Financial Astrology.” It provides an excellent introduction to and overview of Financial Astrology. Here is a link to a page on the site that provides some more information on this book: The “classic” book that provides an overview of the field is a book written by Lt. Cmdr. David Williams titled “Financial Astrology.” Pesavento’s book mostly provides an introduction to and overview of various areas of Financial Astrology. Williams’ book largely provides an overview of the key discoveries various people have made in the field over the years.

      I hope this was helpful, and I look forward to putting together an easy-to-follow overview of the basics/101 in the next few weeks.


  • Scott Craven

    Hi see Awodele’s book mentioned on your site…do you have an email address for him? I have the book and I have a question about Gann’s number for US Steel in the Master course.

    Scott Craven

    • Bradley Siderograph

      Hi Scott – There appears to be an email address on page 4 of two of Awodele’s books (i.e., on the page immediately to the left of the Table of Contents). I’m going to email it to you directly so that internet bots don’t pull it off of here and send him spam.

    • Bradley Siderograph

      Hi Brad — Thanks for your comment. Tonight I updated the 2014 Bradley Turn Date analysis of the S&P 500 with detailed descriptions of each of the turn dates, which you can see here: Hopefully this will provide some additional clarity. You bring up a great point that it would be useful to have additional resource that explain the concepts to beginners (e.g., videos, other documentation, etc.), and I’ll plan to put some together in the coming weeks. Thanks for your comment!

    • Bradley Siderograph

      Anup – You brought up a good point, and based on your comment I added a Bradley Siderograph Turn Data analysis of both the Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex (BSE Sensex) and the National Stock Exchange Nifty (NSE Nifty).