Bradley Siderograph 2020 Turn Dates – S&P 500

See below for the 2020 Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates, which are in green.  The Turn Dates for the three elements that compose the Bradley Siderograph are also listed below (i.e., for the Middle Terms, Long Terms, and Declinations).  See this introductory video for an additional explanation if you are new to the Bradley Siderograph indicator.

S&P 500 Turn Dates for 2010-2020

S&P 500 – 2020 Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates (Standard Version)

See below for a graph of the Bradley Siderograph indicator for 2020.  Turn dates for 2020 include the following:

  • March 17
  • May 11
  • August 19
  • December 2

Bradley Siderograph 2020 Turn Dates S&P 500 Financial Astrology


Deconstructed Version

The graph below shows the 2020 siderograph indicator deconstructed into its component elements, which are the Major Planetary Aspects (i.e., Long Terms and Middle Terms) as well as the Declinations of Mars and Venus.

Deconstructed Donald Bradley Siderograph Model Turn Dates for 2020


S&P 500 Turn Dates for 2010-2020

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