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2015 Bradley Bars Turn Dates for the VIX (Bradley Siderograph)

  • May 10 (31/100 Bradley Siderograph PowerNote that a Declinations Turn Date also occurs on this date with a Bradley Bars Power of 100/100).
  • May 25 (31/100 Bradley Siderograph Power)
  • June 8 (28/100 Bradley Siderograph Power)
  • September 23 (32/100 Bradley Siderograph Power)
  • October 17 (48/100 Bradley Siderograph Power)

2015 VIX Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates (2015-04-05)




2015 Bradley Bars Turn Dates for the VIX (Long Terms)

  • April 22 (53/100 Long Terms Power)
  • August 27 (100/100 Long Terms Power)

2015 VIX Long Terms Turn Dates (2015-04-05)


2015 Bradley Bars Turn Dates for the VIX (Middle Terms)

  • February 1 (43/100 Middle Terms Power)
  • March 13 (35/100 Middle Terms Power)
  • April 3 (35/100 Middle Terms Power)
  • May 24 (53/100 Middle Terms Power)
  • July 1 (40/100 Middle Terms Power)
  • July 16 (40/100 Middle Terms Power)
  • August 15 (43/100 Middle Terms Power)
  • October 9 (52/100 Middle Terms Power)
  • November 10 (37/100 Middle Terms Power)
  • November 25 (37/100 Middle Terms Power)


2015 VIX Middle Terms Turn Dates (2015-04-05)


2015 Bradley Bars Turn Dates for the VIX (Declinations)

  • May 10 (100/100 Declinations Power)
  • September 17 (38/100 Declinations Power)
  • October 10 (49/100 Declinations Power)

2015 VIX Declinations Turn Dates (2015-04-05)


2014 Turn Dates for the VIX

See below for a graph of the Bradley Siderograph indicator for 2014.  Turn dates for 2014 include the following:

  • January 1 (100/100 Siderograph Power) – Took place at approximately the same time the VIX started to plateaued.
  • February 8 (35/100 Siderograph Power – Coincided with a pause in a significant decline in the VIX.
  • April 1 – Small term low in the VIX
  • July 18 (100/100 Siderograph Power) – Took place shortly before the VIX spiked up at the end of July
  • October 17 (20/100 Siderograph Power) – Took place very close to the top in the VIX for the year
  • November 24 (27/100 Siderograph Power) – Marked a bottom in the VIX
  • December 9 (24/100 Siderograph Power) – Took place at approximately the same time the VIX spiked up significantly
  • December 26 (100/100 Siderograph Power) – To be Determined (TBD)

VIX 2014 Bradley Turn Dates as of Dec 18

New Bradley Siderograph Dashboard Data in Excel (Just Released!)

If you are reading this you are probably interested in the Bradley Siderograph and its Turn Dates.  We just released a new Bradley Siderograph Dashboard in Excel that lets you quickly and easily compare the Bradley turn dates with the security of your choice.

Click below to learn about and download your own copy of the Bradley Siderograph Dashboard!

Bradley Siderograph Dashboard

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2 thoughts on “Bradley Siderograph 2014 Turn Dates VIX – Financial Astrology

  • cliff mendes

    just a quick question before i make a purchase ……Are the bars plotted out only 3 months in to the future from current date in time or can they go further out
    Thanks a million

    • Bradley Siderograph Post author


      Thanks for asking. The current version of the Dashboard shows data for the year you type in as well as the data for 3 months before and after the year you selected. For example, If you type in 2015, it will show you the data for 4Q 2014, all of 2015, and 1Q 2016. You may have noticed yellow sections on the graphs for this page. This yellow area highlights the year selected, and the parts not highlighted in yellow represent the 3 months before and after the year that is being graphed. If you have an interest in the Dashboard and you would like to learn more about how it works, you can download a free copy (no credit card required) on the Downloads page. Also, I’m very interested in feedback regarding what others might find useful in the Dashboard. If you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding enhancements you would like to see to Dashboard, please feel free to reach out and I’ll see what I can do.