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2014 Turn Dates for Silver

See below for a graph of the Bradley Siderograph indicator for 2014.  Turn dates for 2014 include the following:

  • January 1 (100/100 Siderograph Power) – Marked an intermediate-term low in Silver
  • February 8 (35/100 Siderograph Power– Took place immediately before a significant increase in the price of silver.
  • April 1 – Marked a long-term top in Silver
  • July 18 (100/100 Siderograph Power) – Marked the top in Silver for the summer
  • October 17 (20/100 Siderograph Power) – Coincided with a short-term top
  • November 24 (27/100 Siderograph Power) – Marked an intermediate-term peak in Silver
  • December 9 (24/100 Siderograph Power) – Marked an intermediate-term top in the price of Silver
  • December 26 (100/100 Siderograph Power) – To be determined (TBD)

Silver 2014 Bradley Turn Dates as of Dec 18


2014 Silver Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates


2014 Silver Long Terms Turn Dates


2014 Silver Middle Terms Turn Dates



2014 Silver Declinations Turn Dates


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