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See below for the 2014 Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates, which are in green.  The Bradley Turn Dates for the three elements that compose the Bradley Siderograph are also listed below (i.e., for the Middle Terms, Long Terms, and Declinations).  See this introductory video for an additional explanation if you are new to the Bradley Siderograph indicator.

Gold Turn Dates for 2010-2020

Gold and the 2014 Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates

The price of gold has been relatively volatile recently!  See below for a recap of the key turn dates that have elapsed so far this year and for a graph of the full year 2014 that compares the Bradley Siderograph to the price of gold.  Note that the turn dates for 2014 below are slightly modified as they now incorporate the mathematically calculated turn dates from the new Bradley Bars Dashboard.

  • January 1 (100/100 Siderograph Power) – This turn date took place approximately a week after a significant low in the price of gold.
  • February 8 (35/100 Siderograph Power – Took place at the onset of a huge rally in gold
  • April 1 – Coincided with a pause in the decline of gold
  • July 18 (100/100 Siderograph Power) – Marked the start of a lengthy decline in the price of gold
  • October 17 (20/100 Siderograph Power) – This most recent turn date for gold marked an intermediate-term top
  • November 24 (27/100 Siderograph Power) – Coincided with an intermediate-term top in the price of gold.
  • December 9 (24/100 Siderograph Power) – Marked a top in the price of gold.
  • December 26 (100/100 Siderograph Power) – Upcoming turn date to be determined (TBD)

Gold 2014 Bradley Turn Dates as of Dec 18

Gold and the 2014 Middle Terms Turn Dates

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