Bitcoins and 2014 Donald Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates 2

See below for the 2014 Bradley Turn Dates for Bitcoins.   


Bitcoin Turn Dates for 2010-2015


2014 Bradley Turn Dates for Bitcoins

See below for a graph of the Bradley Siderograph indicator for 2014 compared to changes in the price of Bitcoins.

  • January 1 (100/100 Siderograph Power) – After the low in Bitcoins on December 18, 2013, Bitcoins rallied until they reached almost $800/Bitcoin on January 1.  This turn date represented an end to this rally, as Bitcoins then plateaued at just above $800/Bitcoin before dropping precipitously at the next Bradley Turn Date on February 8
  • February 8 (35/100 Siderograph Power – Took place at approximately the same time there was a significant sell off in Bitcoins from above $800/Bitcoin to below $700/Bitcoin
  • July 18 (100/100 Siderograph Power) – Marked the approximate top in Bitcoins for the middle of 2014.  After this date Bitcoins dropped significantly from above $600/Bitcoin to just above $300/Bitcoin
  • October 17 (20/100 Siderograph Power) – This Turn Date marked an intermediate-term top in Bitcoins.  Also, it represented the level at which Bitcoins plateaued for the rest of the year.  This plateau in Bitcoins was a shift from the downward trend that took place after the previous turn date on July 18
  • November 24 (27/100 Siderograph Power) – Marked an intermediate-term low in Bitcoins
  • December 9 (24/100 Siderograph Power) – Took place just before a new decline in Bitcoins
  • December 26 (100/100 Siderograph Power) – To be Determined (TBD)

Bitcoins 2014 Bradley Turn Dates as of Dec 18

New Bradley Siderograph Dashboard Data in Excel (Just Released!)

If you are reading this you are probably interested in the Bradley Siderograph and its Turn Dates.  We just released a new Bradley Siderograph Dashboard in Excel that lets you quickly and easily compare the Bradley turn dates with the security of your choice.

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Bradley Siderograph Dashboard



Long Term Analysis of Bitcoins and Bradley Turn Dates

Bitcoins and the Bradley Siderograph 2014



Customizable Graph of Bitcoins and the Bradley Siderograph

Click on the graph below to view a customizable graph of Bitcoins and the Bradley Siderograph!

Customizable Bitcoin Bradley Siderograph 2014 Chart

Click on the image above to analyze Bitcoins and the Bradley Siderograph in a graph you can customize


Deconstructed Version of Bradley Turn Dates

The graph below shows the 2014 siderograph indicator deconstructed into its component elements, which are the Major Planetary Aspects (i.e., Long Terms and Middle Terms) as well as the Declinations of Mars and Venus.

Stock Market Astrology Predictions - Bitcoins 2014 Deconstructed



Positive and Negative Underlying Elements – Bitcoins and the Bradley Indicator

The Bradley Siderograph consists of Middle Terms, Long Terms, and Declinations.  The chart below separately graphs:

  • Positives – The positive aspects (both middle and long terms) as well as positive declinations
  • Negatives – Negative aspects (both middle and long terms) as well as negative declinations, and
  • The standard version of the Bradley Siderograph

This additional detail illustrates the siderograph from a different angle, which is another way to look at 2014 Bradley turn dates.

Donald Bradley Indicator 2014 Bitcoins Positives Negatives



Download Your Copy of the Donald Bradley Siderograph Data in Excel

Click below to downloading your copy of the most complete Donald Bradley Siderograph data on the planet.  There is a free version with 5 years worth of data and a premium version with 201 years worth of data!.  You can use this historical and future Bradley Siderograph data to assess the Bradley Siderograph indicator’s historical performance and develop your own strategy for how your security of choice relates to either the Bradley Siderograph indicator itself or its underlying elements (e.g., Bitcoins, the stock market, gold, silver, etc.).

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