Bradley Siderograph 2013 Turn Dates – S&P 500

See below for the 2013 Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates, which are in green.  The Turn Dates for the three elements that compose the Bradley Siderograph are also listed below (i.e., for the Middle Terms, Long Terms, and Declinations).  See this introductory video for an additional explanation if you are new to the Bradley Siderograph indicator.

Bradley Siderograph 2013 Turn Dates

See the graph below for the Donald Bradley Siderograph 2013 turn dates.  Here are some of the key observations:

  • For approximately the first half of 2013 the Bradley SIderograph and the S&P 500 roughly increased in unison.
  • The S&P 500 made a significant bottom on June 20, 2013 which coincided with the first (and most significant) Bradley Turn dates of the year.
  • The second significant turn in the siderograph on October 8, 2013 corresponded to an intermediate-term low in the S&P 500.
  • The third significant turn in the siderograph, which took place in early November 2013, elapsed without a significant market turn.


Key Takeaways

Note that (1) the siderograph did not catch every significant market turn but (2) significant turns in the siderograph were associated with signifcant turns in the S&P 500 during 2013.  Therefore, it is important to remember that if a security or stock index has been trending significantly leading up to a significant Bradley Siderograph turn date, be on the lookout for a change in trend in the S&P 500.  The direction of the security or index immediately after the turn date can give a sense for how effective the turn date could be.

Bradley Turn Dates for the S&P 500 - 2013

S&P 500 Turn Dates for 2010-2020

Deconstructed Version

The graph below shows the 2013 siderograph indicator deconstructed into its component elements, which are the Major Planetary Aspects (i.e., Long Terms and Middle Terms) as well as the Declinations of Mars and Venus.

Bradley Siderograph 2013 - Bradley Turn Dates - Deconstructed Graph

Positive and Negative Underlying Elements

The Bradley Siderograph consists of Middle Terms, Long Terms, and Declinations.  The chart below separately graphs:

  • Positives – The positive aspects (both middle and long terms) as well as positive declinations
  • Negatives – Negative aspects (both middle and long terms) as well as negative declinations, and
  • The standard version of the Bradley Siderograph

This additional detail illustrates the siderograph from a different angle, which is another way to look at 2013 Bradley turn dates.

Donald Bradley Siderograph 2013 Positives and Negatives

Bradley Siderograph 2013 - Bradley Turn Dates - Positive Aspects and Declinations

Bradley Siderograph 2013 - Bradley Turn Dates - Negative Planetary Aspects and Declinations

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