Bitcoins and 2013 Donald Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates


Bitcoin Turn Dates for 2010-2015


2013 Bradley Turn Dates for Bitcoins

See below for the Donald Bradley Siderograph Bitcoins model for 2013.  If you are interested in a longer-term analysis, check out our new research report on the historical relationship between Bitcoins and the Donald Bradley Siderograph.

Bradley Turn Dates for Bitcoins - 2013

Deconstructed Version

The graph below shows the 2013 siderograph indicator deconstructed into its component elements, which are the Major Planetary Aspects (i.e., Long Terms and Middle Terms) as well as the Declinations of Mars and Venus.

Bitcoins Donald Bradley Siderograph 2013 Chart Graph Deconstructed


Positive and Negative Underlying Elements

The Bradley Siderograph consists of Middle Terms, Long Terms, and Declinations.  The chart below separately graphs:

  • Positives – The positive aspects (both middle and long terms) as well as positive declinations
  • Negatives – Negative aspects (both middle and long terms) as well as negative declinations, and
  • The standard version of the Bradley Siderograph

This additional detail illustrates the siderograph from a different angle, which is another way to look at 2013 Bradley turn dates.

Bitcoins Donald Bradley Siderograph 2013 Chart Graph Positives Negatives


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